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SFB 992 Medizinische Epigenetik Projekt Z01 - Tiefensequenzierung/Bioinformatik

A molecular understanding of disease mechanisms requires a global approach for studying chromatin states and gene regulation. We will provide our computational infrastructure and expertise in bioinformatics and deep sequencing data analysis to the CRC 992 members to enable the genome-scale study of differential gene expression and DNA methylation patterns in various cell types and organisms. A dedicated data management centre will be developed to facilitate access, visualisation and routine analysis of the sequencing data. We will also offer regular training with a special focus on the web services provided by our group. We will thereby help to improve the capacity for epigenetic research towards the development of potential epigenetic therapies.

Weitere Informationen: http://www.bioinf.uni-freiburg.de
Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen
Tel: 0761 203 7461
Email: backofen@informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Projektbeginn: 01.07.2012
Projektende: 30.06.2024
Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen

Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Prof. Dr. Rolf Backofen
Georges-Köhler-Allee 106
79110 Freiburg

Telefon: +49 (0) 761-203-7461
Fax: +49 (0) 761-203-7462
Email: backofen@informatik.uni-freiburg.de
Dr. Thomas Manke Max-Planck-Institut für Immunbiologie und Epigenetik, Freiburg
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