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Formale Modellierung von Flexibilität in multi-Skalen multimodalen Energiesystemen

For its stable and safe operation, the electricity system requires operational flexibility, i. e. the ability to reliably adapt power injections or consumption in reaction to fluctuations in load and generation. In order to optimize flexibility deployment across flexibility types and across system levels – both in terms of temporal and spatial scales – the character of operational flexibility, along with its demand and supply situation should be modeled in an as generic way as possible. This facilitates finding the most efficient allocation of flexibility resources, given the flexibility requirements at the different system levels. This project sets out to develop such a formal description, making the characteristics of different flexibility options accessible to optimization tools that can coordinate its deployment. The formalized description to be developed should facilitate mathematical operations that help analyzing required and available flexibility at all temporal and spatial scales. It should also facilitate regional aggregation, and the differentiation of the time scales at which different system services must be available. It is the goal to derive a flexibility algebra that is inspired from computer network calculation methods.

Ansprechpartner: Weidlich A
Projektbeginn: 01.05.2021
Projektende: 30.04.2024
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