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Implication of Tgfß in coupling neurovascular development in the forebrain

Neurogenesis and angiogenesis are both processes influenced by the Tgfβ-signalling pathway. To investigate functions of Tgfβ in forebrain development in vivo, we use a cre-expressing mouse line to conditionally knock-out Tgfbr2. Mutant mice display severe haemorrhages mostly in the telencephalon and diencephalon beginning around E13.5. The embryos die between E16 to E17, when the entire forebrain is infiltrated with blood cells. To investigate this neurovascular defect we characterise these mutants with regard to angiogenesis and neurogenesis, changes in extracellular matrix and cytoskeleton composition, as well as progenitor proliferation and apoptosis. A further aim is to decipher the network of molecules influenced and connected through Tgfβ-signalling.

Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Tanja Vogel
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Projektbeginn: 2011
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