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FlexWood Flexible Wood Supply Chain

A number of studies indicate that the market demand for wood will lead to strong competition between the different wood industry branches. This is especially true in view of a globalised wood market, in which production is characterised by fast structural changes and concentration processes. Competition between different wood industries and the development towards large production units, as well as an often highly diversified forest owner structure, demands a flexible delivery of varying wood quantities and quality. This leads to high cost, which weakens the position of the European wood industry within a global market. In addition, hazardous environmental events, such as wind throws, forest fires or beetle attacks, have increased during the past years. There is strong evidence that hazardous environmental events will become even more frequent, leading to unforeseeable damage in forests and to excessive felling. Increased competition, natural risks and political and economical disturbances within a global market undermine the concept of a steady and predictable long term development of the forest sector. The challenge is to improve existing processes of the wood supply chain to the needs of wood industry under these changing conditions. In order to meet the market demands of an improved and flexible wood supply chain, novel logistic concepts must provide better information assessment on wood resources and enhance optimisation models. The proposed project would provide a better and faster response to the demands of the different wood industry branches, which will lead to an increase in value recovery.

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