Research Report for the year 2020

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Gerke O, Ehlers K, Motschall E, Hoilund-Carlsen PF, Vach W: PET/CT-Based Response Evaluation in Cancer-a Systematic Review of Design Issues. Mol Imaging Biol, 2020; 22 (1): 33-46. :
  • Glattacker M, Kanat M, Schäfer J, Motschall E, Kivelitz L, Voigt-Radloff S, Dirmaier J: Availability and Quality of Assessment Instruments on Patient-Centredness in the Multimorbid Elderly (AQuA-PCE): A Study Protocol of a Systematic Review Bmj Open, 2020; 10 (online): e033273. :