Research Report for the year 2020

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Bonofiglio F, Schumacher M, Binder H: Recovery of original individual person data (IPD) inferences from empirical IPD summaries only: Applications to distributed computing under disclosure constraints. Stat Med, 2020; 39: 1183-1198. :
  • Wolff J, Gary A, Jung D, Normann C, Kaier K, Binder H, Domschke K, Klimke A, Franz M: Predicting patient outcomes in psychiatric hospitals with routine data: a machine learning approach. Bmc Med Inform Decis, 2020; 20 (online): 21. :
  • Zöller D, Wockner LF, Binder H: Automatic variable selection for exposure‚Äźdriven propensity score matching with unmeasured confounders. Biometrical J, 2020. : (in Druck)