Research Report for the year 2019

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Zabka S, Schulz S, Brunner O, Boeker M: How versioning of terminology systems can be supported by ontological models – a case study on TNM tumor classification. Appl Ontol, 2019. : (in Druck)
Conference Papers:
  • Herrmann J, Zabka S, Boeker M, Schulz S: Ontology Patterns for Tubular or Spherical Layered Structures. A Case Study from Oncology. Proceedings of the Joint Ontology Workshops, 2019; 2518 (Joint Ontology Workshop, Episode V: The Styrian Autumn of Ontology, Graz, Austria, September 23-25, 2019), Adrien Barton, Selja Seppälä, Daniele Porello (Hrsg). (download: