Research Report for the year 2019

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Fecker J, Schumacher M, Ohneberg K, Wolkewitz M: Correction of Survival Bias in a Study About Increased Mortality of Heads of Government. Am Stat, 2019 (online): 1537-2731. :
  • Ohneberg K, Beyersmann J, Schumacher M: Exposure density sampling: Dynamic matching with respect to a time-dependent exposure. Stat Med, 2019; 38: 4390-4403. :
Short Communications:
  • Ohneberg K, Wolkewitz M, Schumacher M: RE: "Risk Set Matching to Assess the Impact of Hospital-Acquired Bloodstream Infections." Am J Epidemiol, 2019; 188: 1192-1193. :