Research Report for the year 2018

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Glattacker M, Heyduck K, Jakob T: Yellow flags as predictors of rehabilitation outcome in chronic low back pain Rehabil Psychol, 2018; 63 (3): 408-417.
  • Glattacker M, Heyduck K, Meffert C, Jakob T: Illness Beliefs, Treatment Beliefs and Information Needs as Starting Points for Patient Information: The Evaluation of an Intervention for Patients with Depression. J Clin Psychol Med S, 2018; 20 (3): 316-333. :
  • Heyduck K, Bengel J, Farin-Glattacker E, Glattacker M: Measuring Illness Perceptions in the Family Context: Psychometric Properties of the IPQ-R adapted for Adolescent-Caregiver Dyads Psychol Health, 2018 (online). (in Druck)
Conference Papers:
  • Glattacker M, Heyduck K, Jakob T: Entwicklung und Evaluation einer Intervention zur Förderung der Selbstregulation bei Patienten mit chronischem Rückenschmerz DRV-Schriften, 2018; 113: 458-460.