Research Report for the year 2017

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Hochholzer W, Kleiner P, Younas I, Valina CM, Löffelhardt N, Amann M, Bömicke T, Ferenc M, Hauschke D, Trenk D, Neumann FJ, Stratz C: Randomized Comparison of Oral P2Y12-Receptor Inhibitor Loading Strategies for Transitioning From Cangrelor: The ExcelsiorLOAD2 Trial. Jacc-cardiovasc Inte, 2017; 10: 121-129. :
  • Kaier K, Hils S, Fetzer S, Hehn P, Schmid A, Hauschke D, Bogatyreva L, Jänigen B, Pisarski P: Results of a randomized controlled trial analyzing telemedically supported case management in the first year after living donor kidney transplantation - a budget impact analysis from the healthcare perspective. Health Economics Review, 2017; 7 (online): 1. :
  • Kaufmann KB, Stein L, Bogatyreva L, Ulbrich F, Kaifi JT, Hauschke D, Loop T, Goebel U: Oesophageal Doppler guided goal-directed haemodynamic therapy in thoracic surgery - a single centre randomized parallel-arm trial. Brit J Anaesth, 2017; 118: 852-861. :
  • Limberger KA, Bogatyreva L, Todorova R, Herde B, Hauschke D, Pahl HL, Werner M, Aumann K: Tissue microarray technique is applicable to bone marrow biopsies of myeloproliferative neoplasms. Histochem Cell Biol, 2017; 147: 75-82. :
  • Schmid A, Hils S, Kramer-Zucker A, Bogatyreva L, Hauschke D, De Geest S, Pisarski P: Telemedically-supported case management of living-donor renal transplant recipients to optimize routine evidence-based aftercare: A single-center randomized controlled trial. Am J Transplant, 2017; 17: 1594-1605. :
  • Sillem M, Timme S, Bronsert P, Bogatyreva L, Hauschke D, Zur Hausen A, Werner M, Stickeler E: Anti-Phosphohistone H3-Positive Mitoses Are Linked to Pathological Response in Neoadjuvantly Treated Breast Cancer. Breast Care, 2017; 12: 244-250. :