Research Report for the year 2015

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Green N, Johnson AP, Henderson KL, Muller-Pebody B, Thelwall S, Robotham JV, Sharland M, Wolkewitz M, Deeny SR: Quantifying the burden of hHospital-acquired bloodstream infection in children in England by estimating excess length of hospital stay and mortality using a multistate analysis of linked, routinely collected data. Pediatr Infect Dis J, 2015; 4: 305-312. :
  • Kohal RJ, Straub LM, Wolkewitz M, Bächle M, Patzelt SBM: Evaluation of Guided Bone Regeneration around Oral Implants over Different Healing Times Using Two Different Bovine Bone Materials: A Randomized, Controlled Clinical and Histological Investigation: Clin Implant Dent R, 2015; 17: 957-971. :
  • Ohneberg K, Wolkewitz M, Beyersmann J, Palomar-Martinez M, Olaechea-Astigarraga P, Alvarez-Lerma F, Schumacher M: Analysis of Clinical Cohort Data Using Nested Case-control and Case-cohort Sampling Designs: A Powerful and Economical Tool. Method Inform Med, 2015; 54: 505-514. :
  • Speckmann C, Uhlmann A, Doerken S, Wolkewitz M, Ehl S: A prospective outcome study on patients with profound combined immunodeficiency. LymphoSign Journal, 2015; 2: 91-106. :
  • Spies BC, Sauter C, Wolkewitz M, Kohal R-J: Alumina reinforced zirconia implants: Effects of cyclic loading and abutment modification on fracture resistance. Dent Mater, 2015; 31: 262-272. :
Short Communications: