Research Report for the year 1980-2015

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Baumann T, Ludwig U, Pache G, Gall C, Saueressig U, Fisch D, Stankovic Z, Bartholomae J-P, Honal M, Bley TA, Langer M, Schaefer O: Detection of pulmonary nodules with move-during-scan magnetic resonance imaging using a free-breathing turbo inversion recovery magnitude sequence. Invest Radiol, 2008; 43: 359-367.
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  • Koch J, Wiese-PosseltM, Remschmidt C, Wichmann O, Bertelsmann H, Garbe E, Hengel H, Meerpohl JJ, Mas-Marques A, Oppermann H, Hummers-Pradier E, von Kries R, Mertens Z: Background paper to the recommendation for routine rotavirus vaccination of infants in Germany. Bundesgesundheitsbla, 2013; 56: 957-984. :
  • Santana F, Schober D, Medeiros Z, Freitas F, Schulz S: Ontology patterns for tabular representations of biomedical knowledge on neglected tropical diseases. Bioinformatics, 2011; 27 (13): i349-i356. :
  • Vancikova Z, Freiberger T, Vach W, Trojanek M, Rizzi M, Janda A: X-gekoppelte Agammaglobulinämie in Patienten mit ambulant erworbener Pneumonie, entdeckt durch Immunglobulinbestimmung bei der Krankenhausaufnahme. [X-linked Agammaglobulinemia in Community-acquired Pneumonia Cases Revealed by Immunoglobulin Level Screening at Hospital Admission]. Klin Padiatr, 2013; 225 (6): 339-342. :
Conference Papers:
  • Porter J, Walter P, Neumayr L, Evans P, Weyhmiller M, Harmatz P, Wood J, Miller J, Weiss G, Yuan Q, Wang Z, Grosse R, Schoennagel B, Meerpohl J, Fischer R, Nielsen P, Seifert M, Vichinsky E: BIO-MARKERS OF IRON TRAFFICKING AND DISTRIBUTION IN TRANSFUSIONAL OVERLOAD: INSIGHTS FROM COMPARING DIOND BLACKFAN ANEMIA WITH SICKLE CELL DISEASE AND THALASSEMIA (MCSIO PILOT STUDY) Am J Hematol, 2013; 88 (5): E46-E47. :