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 Research Report for 1999

Scientific and Research Projects

  • High resolution growth reactions of forest trees as bioindicators for the variation of climate at various elevation levels in south-western Germany.
      Description of the project:
      On various sites along an elevation gradiant from the low elevation of the upper Rhine valley (200 m above sea-level) up to the high elevation of the southern Black Forest (1230 m above sea-level), growth behaviour and growth reactions of Norway spruce, European beech and Scots pine are being analysed. Data derived from growth, meteorological, climatological and soil hydrological measurements are evaluated for the purposes of being able to describe reactions of forest trees to environmental conditions (bioindication). Together with the Institut für Mikrosystemtechnik Freiburg biosensors are developed which make it possible to investigate growth reactions with high time resolution, and with low destructive methods. The possibilities and limits of impedance-spectroscopy are investigated in order to develop new tools for field studies of growth.

      contact person: Dr. Hans-Peter Kahle
      Phone: +49 761 203-3737
      Email: hans-peter.kahle@iww.uni-freiburg.de
      Start of project: 1997
      End of project: 1999
      Project Management:
      Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg
      Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Heinrich Spiecker, Dr. Hans-Peter Kahle
        Institut für Mikrosystemtechnik Freiburg Meteorologisches Institut Freiburg