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The mosaic of the global metropolis: International educational migration and local planning cultures.

Globalisation, migration and education constitute some of the core topics currently intensely debated in urban studies. In the past years research on “the art of being global” (Roy, Ong 2011) and on “mobile urbanism” (McCann, Ward 2011) sought to put increasing mobilities of people, goods and ideas at the centre of understanding the recent transformation dynamics of cities. Student mobilities and how international experiences shape their urban imaginations have as of yet not been at the centre of research, nor have the effects of returnees’ entering of local job markets on urban development and planning culture. This research accordingly concentrates on planning practices and planning cultures in the city of the migrants’ origin and investigates what has travelled from abroad and how this has shaped the urban imaginations of the city. The starting point of this research is therefore the city of Dhaka, where most students of planning studies enter the job market in related fields after they have previously been abroad for a certain period.

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