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 Research Report for 2024

Materialien der Mikrosystemtechnik

Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul

Georges-Köhler-Allee 103
79110 Freiburg
Tel: +497612037190 Fax: +497612037192

Scientific Employees

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Main Research

  • CMOS-based MEMS devices and systems for physical sensors and lifesiences
  • Development of processing and assembly technologies using silicon, compound semiconductors, polymers and metallizations
  • Innovative strategies for device and system calibration
  • Neuroscientific implants for electrophysiology and optogenetics
  • System development for wireless data and energy transfer

Scientific publications

Special Scientific Activities

Vorsitze und Sprechertätigkeiten:
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Sensors and Actuators A, Editorial Board, seit 1995.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, Editorial Board, seit 2006.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Transactions IEE Japan, Editorial Advisory Board, seit 2006.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Member of the Selection Committee for the MST and MSE Master, seit 2010.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Member of the Selection Committe for the Christoph Rüchardt scholarship, seit 2010.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Responsible for IMTEK's Clean Room Service Center , seit 01.10.2010.
  • Prof. Dr. Oliver Paul: Co-Koordination des Exzellenzclusters BrainLinks - BrainTools, seit 2009.

Scientific Dissertations