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 Research Report for 2005

Abteilung für Internationale Wirtschaftspolitik

am Institut für Allgemeine Wirtschaftsforschung

Platz der Alten Synagoge
79085 Freiburg i. Br.
Tel: 0761-203 2342 Fax: 0761-203 2414
Email judith.mueller@vwl.uni-freiburg.de

Scientific Employees

  • Prof. Dr. Günther G. Schulze, Leitung (m/w)
  • Dr. Krisztina Kis-Katos, Ehemalige Mitarbeiter (m/w)
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Main Research

  • Political Economy
  • Development Economics
  • International Economics
  • Southeast Asia
  • Corruption
  • Decentralization and Democratization (in Southeast Asia)
  • Economics of Terrorism

Scientific publications

Journal Articles:
  • Czaika, Mathias: Aid Allocation and Asylum Migration in the 1990s Applied Economics Quarterly, 2005; 50 (3): 289-303.
  • Czaika, Mathias: A Refugee Burden Index: Methodology and Its Application Migration Letters, 2005; 2 (2): 101-125.
  • Deuchert, Eva, Adjamah, Kossi, Pauly, Florian: For Oscar Glory or for Oscar Money? - Academy Awards and Movie Success Journal of Cultural Economics, 2005; 29 (3): 159-176.
  • Kis-Katos, Krisztina, Schulze, Günther G.: Regulation of Child Labor Economic Affairs, 2005; 25 (3): 24-30. : http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/118695815/issue
  • Schulze, Günther G.: Nobody Knows Anything - Or Do We? Introduction to the Special Issue on the Movie Industry Journal of Cultural Economics, 2005; 29 (3): 157-158.
Book Chapters:
  • Perino, Grischa, Schulze, Günther G.: Competition, Cultural Autonomy and Global Governanace: The Audio-Visual Sector in Germany In: Guerrieri, Paolo, Iapadre, P. Lelio, Koopmann, Georg (Hrsg.): Cultural Diversity and International Economic Integration: The Global Governance of the Audio-Visual Sector Cheltenham/UK: Edward Elgar, 2005; 52-95.
Other publications (type Sonstiges):
  • Fliedner, Juliane: The Distribution of Health Care in Developing Countries - Implications for Human Capital and Growth ASP-Working Paper Series, 2005.

Special Scientific Activities

Scientific Dissertations